ReformX is workin on the (natural) process to generate a social and democratic society. We help with theory, action & networking and we focus on democratization, methods of activism, networks and education issues. We want to connect different ideologies, methods and people. We work on a sociological and philosophical theory & method, to combine all perspectives and build up a(nother part of the) G.U.T – of human sciences. Because it’s not about left vs. right. Conserative vs. progressive. It’s about if it works – for all of us.

We think, if you can show the good ideas & methods to the people, they can understand it, they can learn it and they will love to do it! ;)

For an accessible, open, workin & livable world for all of us.
For a permanent reformation & revolution.

* * *

If you know about events, petitions or all kinds of activities, please contact us!

Check our site & news stream (@xreformx) to get info about all kinds of organisations & movements, actual events, new ideas & tech and all sorts of infos & actions about activism and political issues – including such things like revolution, reformation, enlightenment and more odd things ;)


Support your local, national or the international community!
Take interest in how society works, about the history of things & how they work together.
Become political, become active – it’s your community & city – it’s your earth – YOU SHOULD SHAPE IT!!!

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